This is how your riding school is on

With the directory of you have a good place online for your riding stable. We care about the technical environment, we give you ssl-certification for your entry and it is responsive design. The system works well on all the devices our there. This is good for your marketing and findability online. And the best thing is: It is for free!

Free entry on for Riding Stables

To have your riding stable or riding school in the list of is easy. Just have a look to the directory and find out if you are listed already there. Because sometimes our editorial team puts online new riding stables and riding schools in the different regions of

Version 1: Your riding stable is listed already!

If you are already part of the list, you should not use a new entry for your place, because the listing is indexed very good and you will be already in search enginges with your acutal listing. So do not enter a new one, claim the existing one. But if you are not listed here on the sub-page of it means you have to increase your visibility on These a the steps to go ahead for your professional riding stable listing with a high performance. You will reach more people online and get new customers!

  • Have a look on the list again and click on your entry on to get to the detailed page.
  • Use the button on the bottom of the page which says "Send edit link!". This will submit an e-mail with a valid link for you to sign up with the e-mail-adress which is saved in the system.
  • Open your mail account, take the e-mail and click on the link inside the mail you got from the system, the sender will be to your account.
  • Follow the next steps in the chapter "Increase Performance..." (scroll down here).

Version 2: Your stable is not listed

Well, if you are not listed, it's time to be there. Because it is for free and helps you with your marketing for your riding stable, horse farm, riding school, riding academy... be found bei the dayli hunderts of people search for a riding school in your area and expand your audience with Also if you have a farm for horses to stay over night or for long term stay of horses, you are welcome here! Even if you do not offer riding vacation or riding lessons.

  • Start the registration for new users on
  • Put in your e-mail-address (use your business-adress) and wait for getting the confirmation mail.
  • Click on the link inside the confirmation mail and follow the next steps there.
  • Got to the business section of your profile (you can alos use the private area for your personal stuff, but it is not for the presentation of your riding stable) and creat your (free of charge) entry online.

Increase Performance...

Now it is important to get your things on done. Because the listing of in your region and also in the search results depends on the quality and quantity of content you provide online. The more content you provide online, the better your listing placement will be. (It is recalculated every week by the system, so be patient if you create more content, it will maybe take some days to give your result a better placement.

  • Provide (if you are able to) in more than one language a description on about your offer, your specialities, what you are doing and what people like on your place. What is your best offer? How do people use your services best? What is your business focus on?
  • Create your picture album, submit some pictues which give people an idea what your riding school or riding stalbe looks like. Maybe you submit some pictures of trailrides in your area too.
  • Add some sample prices so people get a good impression of what your services are worth. This is also important because you don't want people to contact you if they are not willing to pay for your serivces.
  • Use additional information about your place and the categories we offer. These help people to understand your serivce and also there is a detailed search on where people can click the categories to find the right place. And if you have that offer, you should be in the results list then. The categories are also automatically translated to german, french, spanish, japanese, russian and arabic language, so this is also a great thing for you.
  • Do not forget to use the maps area. Because when you provide a gps-entry of your place, people will also be able to find you in the around me search feature of, which is the cross on the top right of the page. You should use the place to go on your riding school as a primary location. Then you will be found here when people are in your area on the Riding school next to me-feature.
  • In the account overview of your profile on the bottom of the page you will also find some HTML-code. Copy and paste one of them to the source code of your own website and publish a link to there. You earn virtual coins therefore, every click (once a day) which is brought by your website to pays you 77 virtual coins.
  • Use the coins to have a better presentation online:
    • Take your virtual coins (you get them without payment of real cash money) and pay the classified ads you can put online on So you can add performance to your listing on
    • If you have (this will take some time) collected many virtual coins, you can also use them to upgrade your package on Then you have even a better listing, are plus or premium-member and you have more features to use than the other riding schools or horse farms in your area.

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