Riding Vacation New York / Suffolk County

The suffolk county in New York State is on the south east side of the State and very close to the metropolitan area of New York City. It is not only close to the area, but it feels like a part of the New York City metropolitan area. For tourists who do not know about the topography of the New Yor State: Let's say, we are going horseback riding on the eastern part of Long Island next to New York City.

Horse Riding Vacation around Riverhead

Riverhead is the capital of the Suffolk County in the New York State. There are about 1.5 million people living in the Suffolk County (East side of Long Island). But still, especially the sea area, it is a great place for horseback riding. And you will also find horseback riding schools here to learn horseriding in different disciplines.

Pricelevel for Horseback Riding

If you are on the east side of Long Island in the New York state in the Suffolk County, you can expect the pricing range of horseback riding around 50 to 80 US dollars per hour.

Riding Vacation on East Long Island / Suffolk: Top-7-List

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Top 7: Riding Vacation Suffolk / East Long Island

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